At Hotel San Marco safety is guaranteed!

At Hotel San Marco safety and security is guaranteed!

To ensure maximum security we have activated SAFETY GUARANTEED HSM, a protection plan dedicated to all guests and staff of Hotel San Marco.

The program are as follows:

SANIFICATION – all indoor and outdoor areas and contact surfaces have been sanitized with special certified detergents, the rooms are frequently ventilated, the air conditioning system has been sanitized and certified by an authorized company.

SAFETY DEVICES – Dispensers of alcohol-based disinfectant gels are available in all common areas and available to all guests.

RESPECT FOR DISTANCES – We have adjusted the furnishings in the common areas of our hotel so that the recommended distances can be respected, as indicated by appropriate signs.

BREAKFAST – breakfast will be served at the table by our staff and between one client and another tablecloths will be changed and the chair sanitize.

STAFF PROCEDURES – we have adequately trained our staff both on how to behave in the workplace and on the use of safety devices. All staff will be required to always observe the rules of hygiene and interpersonal distancing. In addition, the staff will have the obligation to check the body temperature and if it is higher than 37.5 ° can not take service.

We are waiting for you at Hotel San Marco, in complete safety and with a smile, like always!